Using Whiteboarding To Land Your Most Successful Sale

Visuals play an important role in meetings. By using visually appealing images, presenters can bring minds back to the present. Technology has made it easier to express ideas through images, but it has its pitfalls as well. Pictures can be interesting to look at, but they rarely make a great conversation starter.

Whiteboarding Tool

Whiteboards, on the other hand, can solve some of these issues and be used as a visual aid in meetings. That’s why they continue to be found in many meeting rooms and in collaborative work spaces, as well as digitally, like the CleverPad whiteboarding tool for B2B SALES. A whiteboard is an effective tool for engaging buyers in conversation about a product or service , but only when used properly. We have compiled a list of tips to use while whiteboarding for sales.


The art of storytelling is essential to selling any concept, and all presentations should reflect this rule. A whiteboard helps you conceptualize your story before you present it in front of potential clients. Walk prospects through the story, explaining the problem they face on the whiteboard. Next, show them how your company is going to resolve the problem.


The whiteboard has served as a brainstorming tool for decades. Presenters use whiteboards to collect input from attendees, since they allow them to scribble down notes quickly. You should know how to keep things moving during a brainstorming session, since this technique can be time-consuming.

Remote Tools

Today, more meetings are held remotely than in person. During a videoconference, you do not have to limit your visuals to a presentation software. CleverPad allows you to share a whiteboard with attendees and demonstrate concepts in the same way as if they were in the same room.

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Try a digital whiteboard with unlimited space.

  • CleverPad is a whiteboarding tool for the world of remote engagement.  It empowers visual storytelling, sales engagement, immersive training, and innovative education models.
  • CleverPad not only remembers what you draw with its patented MemDraw capability but also lets you combine multiple MemDraw drawings, clipart, and other content together including you own voice and music to create virtual whiteboard stories and presentations that can be replayed on command or shared.
  • CleverPad also provides an industry-first, virtual whiteboard meetings feature that allows an unlimited number of remote users to view a CleverPad whiteboard presentation.  The viewer only sees the whiteboard canvas, not the drawing tools and techniques of the presenter.

The use of whiteboards in meetings can be a valuable sales tool for professionals. Even someone who is totally new to whiteboarding can develop a pitch that will convince prospects to take action.

Consider whiteboarding. It would be great to hear your results.

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